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Elementary School Training


English: Improve students writing,reading skills. At the end of the course students will get ability to identify and correct their own writing problems. Quiz programmes allows students themselves on variety of topics. improve vocabulary, the things we know about teaching vocab is that its not enough to talk about a word once. It needs to be seen, heard and use several times before it is mastered.

Math: Follow curriculum guidelines or requirements of the staff. Provide support for students in math with emphasis on problem solving skills.

Preparation for EOC/EOG: We strive hard to make prepare students for their End of Grade exams. We make sure that individual attention is focused on each student. Up to date materials are provided. study guides, Review materials are provided to work on it for students. All the possible strategies are applied to make students understand the concept well and go ahead in their tests to gain good knowledge and grades of course.

CogAT (Cognitive Ability Test): A test designed to measure a child's academic aptitude. Often used to identify gifted children for admission into gifted and talented programs across the United States. Its an different type of approach at Smart Minds tutorials. Kids learn strategies for all the 3 process of CogAT. i.e. verbal, quantitative and nonverbal.




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